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What Is Alvera

  • by: superadmin
  • February 14, 2018

Protects in the most Natural way



1. ALVERA is a product designed and tested specifically for use in silicone-hydrogel lenses. Clinical studies were performed with lenses made from this material. The study obtained excellent results in terms of COMFORT for silicone-hydrogel lens wearers and SATISFACTION after using ALVERA.


The continuous use of contact lenses may eventually cause irritation and epithelial scratching.

To prevent these effects we began to investigate the many curative properties of Aloe Vera in 2009, focusing specifically on how the plant’s powerful ability to protect and restore human epithelium could be applied to the ophthalmology field through an all-in-one eye care solution. Aloe Vera is a vegetable substance with numerous beneficial properties, but we now know that it also protects human epithelium from bacterial infections and ultraviolet rays.

After years of research and development we finally discovered the Aloe Vera concentration that best protects the cornea’s epithelial cells and provides the highest level of cellular viability, and our new all-in-one solution was born.




2. The use of contact lenses can alter the physiology of the ocular tissue, creating intercellular spaces where foreign particles can be introduced. Aloe Vera creates a film over the epithelium that protects the eye from these damaging particles, thus reducing the risk of irritation. In a cytotoxicity study Ocupharm compared ALVERA with other solutions on the market and found that ALVERA obtained much better results.




3. ALVERA is designed specifically to work against lipids. A study was performed with ACUVUE Oasys and AIR OPTIX contact lenses and five lens care solutions to test the products’ lipid cleaning efficiency. The study has shown that ALVERA is the most effective solution.

And ALVERA does more than just clean lipids better: it decreases the lipid’s ability to adhere to the contact lens surface, significantly boosting hygiene and comfort with the use of silicone-hydrogel lenses.

The study showed that ALVERA significantly reduces the ability of lipids to stick to the surface of silicone-hydrogel lenses.

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